Help Our Dogs In Need

Scarlett - 12 Years of Neglect & 12 Teeth Removed


Scarlett was found on the street, a tiny 12-year-old senior dog with virtually no sight left. We quickly learned that her vision isn't an issue, she learns to get around perfectly fine - but Scarlett's mouth is where her problems lie! A lifetime of neglect, Scarlett's teeth are the worst we have ever seen - rotten teeth, broken teeth, severe infection, fistuals, tartar so heavy that you can't even tell there are teeth underneath. Her mouth was so painful that she required emergency surgery in which the fistuals were repaired and 12 rotten/broken teeth were removed. This pint-sized little warrior conquered surgery like a champion and now she is looking for a forever home!

Meatloaf - Sweet Dog Suffering Severe Neglect


Wags & Walks just rescued this sweet boy from the shelter, he is now known as Meatloaf! What probably started out as simple allergies was left neglected for so long that it turned into a severe condition affecting Meatloaf's skin and ears. We can only assume that Meatloaf has been suffering like this for many months, maybe years. A few days into treatment for his skin, some xrays revealed another very serious surprise - Meatloaf has a large rock lodged in his stomach! Once the rock is removed, Meatloaf has an excellent prognosis and he is expected to make a full recovery with a long healthy life ahead of him now that he is getting the care he needs.

Joyful Jimmy Loses a Leg - Embracing Tripod Life!


Jimmy might look like a tough guy but he is 100% mush! Wags & Walks rescued him from the shelter without knowing that he had an injury. We quickly noticed him limping which continued to rapidly get worse - he wouldn't/couldn't bear any weight on the leg. Xrays revealed an old broken bone that healed very poorly, as well as an elbow injury with severe painful arthritis. The best option for Jimmy is to lose the leg - full amputation. Dogs do surprisingly well on 3 legs, so we expect that Jimmy will recover like a champ and master life as a tripod with pure enthusiasm! Please help us help this joyful boy to conquer the world on 3 legs.

Herman Poodle is Overcoming Many Medical Issues


Wags & Walks rescued Herman the 7-year-old poodle from a shelter in Los Angeles. We quickly noticed that he was having trouble with his mouth and took him to the vet. The vet said that Herman has severe dental disease and numerous rotten/infected teeth that would need to be removed. Unfortunately we couldn't do the dental right away because Herman started showing signs of kennel cough (upper respiratory infection) so we had to wait for that to resolve first. Instead of getting better, Herman got worse and ended up hospitalized for pneumonia! The Dr. explained that the infection in his mouth had weakened his immune system which is why he was more susceptible to catching kennel cough and also why the kennel cough quickly turned into pneumonia. Fortunately, the doctors believe that Herman will make a full recovery and when he is feeling better and able to go under anesthesia we will finally be able to fix his mouth. Poor Herman! He can't catch a break.

Vivi's Busted Knee Will Soon Be Pain-Free


Vivi's foster family noticed that she started limping and the vet said it may be her ACL (knee ligament) beginning to tear. We tried to manage her medically (limited exercise, pain meds, etc.) but it didn't work and Vivi was headed for surgery. A fully torn ACL was repaired and now Vivi will spend the next 2 months in intense recovery for the knee to heal. She's resilient and will certainly bounce back from this gracefully. Hopefully she will finally find her forever home soon. Thank you for any support you can offer toward her surgery expenses.

Emma's Spay Surgery Went Terribly Wrong


Wags & Walks rescued sweet Emma from a shelter after she came in as a stray and nobody claimed her. She had a routine spay surgery but soon after she left the shelter Emma had to be rushed to an emergency hospital to be treated for serious complications. She was hospitalized and needed surgical correction and supportive care for several days. Emma was released from the hospital but will need continued care while she heals.

William Needs Hip Help


William is a sweet little terrier that came to us with numerous health concerns but the most pressing issue is his pain. It was unclear what the source of the pain was so we consulted with numerous specialists and it was determined that he has a fractured bone in his right hip socket. An old injury that healed badly. Additionally he has luxating patellas in both knees (wobbly dislocating knee caps.) The knee issue is common in small dogs and often doesn't need surgical correction, but the hip issue is impacting the knee issue. A corrective surgery called FHO is needed to fix the broken hip bone and alleviate the discomfort. With the hip surgery and a diet to lose a few pounds, William should be feeling much better very soon and the knees will hopefully be a non-issue in the future.