Help Our Dogs In Need


Elle Has Two Fractured Legs


Sweet Elle was rescued by the Wags & Walks team! Unfortunately, our team noticed something visibly wrong with her leg. 

After taking her to a vet partner for X-rays, it turns out she actually has two fractures - one in each leg! She is currently undergoing treatment that helps increase the blood flow in her legs and after her surgery for the fractures, she will begin her rehabilitation treatment.

DeeDee is fighting pneumonia


DeeDee has a very, very bad case of pneumonia!  What started off as a touch of kennel cough quickly turned into much worse.  X-rays confirmed the pneumonia and a blood test shows that she has a severe massive infection.  DeeDee is feeling so sick, she's so weak and congested and coughing relentlessly.  Now hospitalized and receiving around the clock care including aggressive IV antibiotics and nebulizer breathing treatments.  She's a fighter and wants to pull through this - she can't even hold her own head up but she wags her little tail whenever anyone comes her way!

Nick Needs FHO Surgery


Nick is a 10 month old German Shepard who was found as a stray after being hit by a car. He was rushed to East Valley Shelter where Wags and Walks rescued him and is committed to his care.

Chihuahua Families Need Your Help


Mary Kate and Ashley were both pregnant when taken in by Wags & Walks. Our team had no idea about how far along either were and expected the babies to arrive shortly. Both moms came in together and although their full story is unknown, we believe they are sisters. These sisters share a special bond of motherhood. 

A New Leg for Puppy Smith


We have seen our fair share of upsetting cases but this one boggles the mind. 

A good samaritan found this Smith in the middle of was was well over 100 degrees and he was tens of miles from anything but a gas station. 

It's enough to wonder how someone could leave a puppy in the middle of the desert, but even more upsetting when his rescuer noticed he was missing his back foot and the injury had never been properly treated--although somewhat healed over, there was bone protuding through the skin.