Help Our Dogs In Need Of Medical Care


Help Chia Get The Medical Care She Needs!

Little Chia is a sweet pup but she needs some help getting back on her feet. Chia has severe luxated patellas (dislocated kneecaps) on both knees! Her knees are dislocated 100% of the time which has led to Bowlegs. She also suffers from hip dysplasia. Chia will need surgery on both legs to repair the dislocated kneecaps.

Please help us raise the funds needed for her medical care as we help this girl on her journey to becoming a happy and healthy pup!


Help Sophie Get The Medical Care She Needs!

Sweet Sophie is in desperate need of your help. This little girl was saved from the Downey shelter and has quite a few medical needs likely due to long term neglect including:

Cataracts and blind in the right eye

Englarged Mammary

Alopecia around her ears and eyes

Perioccular Dermis

Ear infection

Heart Arrhythmia