Help Our Dogs In Need


Ranger Broke His Leg, Needs Surgery


This super cute puppy, Ranger,  was rescued from a County shelter - unable to walk on his left hind leg.  Our vet investigated further and determined that he actually has a fractured bone, complicated by an infection in the knee joint.  He will definitely need surgery and recovery rehab but first have to wait for some test results to come back from the lab to determine what type of infection we are dealing with and how to treat it.  We are keeping him comfortable until we can move forward with fixing the leg.  

Puppy Rescued in Critical Condition


Little "Bun" (and her brother) arrived at a City shelter in terrible condition, found living on the street we can only imagine what the first 8 weeks of their life looked like.  The shelter asked us to take the pups and as soon as we picked them up we knew Bun was not doing well. We went straight to the emergency vet where she is currently hospitalized.  Malnourished, hypoglycemic, dehydrated, anemic - her little body was shutting down from neglect and improper care at such a young age.  Although considered critical upon arrival, she is fighting to survive and is already doing so much better.  We hope she can be well enough soon to be released from the hospital.  Please help us to help Bun survive!

Oreo Will Have No Eyes


Oreo is the sweetest little 10-year-old ShihTzu you will ever meet!  She has been bounced around her whole life and then finally bounced into Wags & Walks.  Oreo arrived with one eye already missing and her other eye  in severe condition.  She has already learned to navigate the world without sight, so now we just need to remove this unhealthy painful eye so she can live comfortably. Little Oreo also has a mammary tumor which needs to  be surgically removed - we will do a combination surgery to remove her eye, remove her tumor and spay her so she only has to go under anesthesia one time.  Please help Oreo live her golden years in comfort!

Molly's Massive Mammary Tumor


Molly arrived at a City shelter as a stray and nobody came to claim her.  Filthy and matted, the shelter did their best to clean/groom her and that's when they discovered a huge tumor on her belly.  Wags & Walks rescued this sweet, gentle girl from the shelter and will provide her with the medical care that she needs, including surgical removal of the tumor.  Please help us help Molly feel better!

8 Puppies Saved, Fighting to Live


Wags & Walks was called in to rescue a litter of 8 puppies....  someone found a stray pregnant pitbull, they brought her home and took care of her through the birth of her pups.  Another rescue organization took the mom dog when she was done nursing, but the pups needed a rescue to help them - that's where we came in.

We could not have imagined what we were stepping into - the pups were in severe, critical condition.  Emaciated, weak, covered in fleas, filthy, living outside in the dirt, receiving nothing but table scraps to eat.  

Sophie saved after being hit by car


Sophie was living on the street, we'll never know how she got there - abandoned, lost, run away?  Overlooked by everyone else, but for a kind woman who saw her get hit by a car and immediately stopped to help.  She brought Sophie to Wags & Walks.  Skinny, scared and injured... Sophie gratefully accepted help.   
While we were trying to determine if an owner was looking for her, we brought Sophie to the vet and we learned that she has broken bones in her back leg/pelvis which requires a delicate surgery to repair.

Help Milkshake Walk Again Pain-Free


Wags & Walks rescued Milkshake from the shelter with numerous health problems including eye issues/blind in one eye and an ear hematoma, but the most pressing issue is a slipped disc in his spine.  Milkshake can only take a few wobbly steps before he falls down due to partial paralysis and pain.  For the next 8 weeks he will undergo intense physical therapy, acupuncture and pain management.  We are hopeful that his ability to walk will be restored without needing surgery.  Please help  us help Milkshake walk pain-free again.

Roger is Battling Pneumonia


Little Roger was rescued from the shelter and soon after he started having the sniffles and coughing.  He was being treated for kennel cough (a doggie cold) but he wasn't responding.  When he took a dramatic turn for the worse, Roger was rushed to the emergency hospital where they determined his cold had turned into pneumonia.  He is struggling to breath and fight the infection - he is receiving oxygen and IV antibiotics and around-the-clock care.  He might be tiny but he's a tough little guy, with help we know he will recover.  Please keep Roger in  your thoughts and please donate what you can to  help him.

Wags & Walks Saves Meat Market Dogs


While Wags and Walks is committed to helping save dogs in need throughout Los Angeles, we also feel compelled to step up in times of crisis. The abuse and slaughtering of dogs for the Yulin Meat Market has to end. Therefore, Wags and Walks has teamed up with Los Santos Rescue, who is boots on the ground in China, and have dedicated their time fighting the dog meat trade and helping the dogs of China. We have committed to bringing a group of at least 7 dogs to safety and will need to raise the money before they are able to be transported. We will be picking the puppies up from LAX and taking them straight to the vet to be properly treated, vaccinated, and monitored. From here, we will move them to foster homes where they will begin their long road to recovery. 
In addition to taking on their medical bills, these pups will need the help of experts and trainers to help the adjust and socialize into their new life.