Our July Partnership with Bow Wow Labs

We love our dogs, but more importantly, we LOVE spoiling our dogs. Whether you give them the occasional bully stick or they get them all the time, we’re sure you know what it’s like to have to constantly check how small the bone is getting. Bully sticks are great options to keep our dogs entertained, healthy, and in some case distracted, but they quickly can become a nightmare if the dog decides to swallow the end of the stick. Our friends at Bow Wow Labs came up with the perfect solution to that scenario. Read on to learn how they are keeping dogs all over safe, without denying a favored treat:

How to Survive the 4th of July Scaries

The 4th of July is a fun holiday for us humans, but for dogs, it means loud fireworks, weird (and tempting) smells, and an above average amount of commotion around the neighborhood. You might not think twice about it, but even if you don't have a normally anxious dog, it's a good idea to take a few extra precautions on the holiday to keep your dog, calm, cool, and collected. Check out some amazing tips from our friends at Dope Dog. They know a thing or two about keeping your pup feeling good in times of stress!

Ditch the Itch with These Natural Remedies

More times than not, we wish our dogs could tell us how they were feeling and what exactly is wrong when they are sick. Itching is one of those times when all you want to do is fix the problem as soon as possible, but it can be hard to come up with the right solution. Well, our friends at Dog Lover's Towel shared a wonderful infographic with us to help ditch the itch! It might not be cure-all for your dog, but they are definitely worth giving a try:

Wags and Walks Celebrates Our 500th Dog Saved

Since opening our very own adoption center earlier this year, we are excited to announce that we have already saved more than 500 dogs! None of these precious pups would have been saved without the generous support we receive from our adopters, volunteers, fosters, and donors. We are so thrilled that we have hit this milestone already and cannot wait for the rest of 2018. Thank you for your endless support! 

Foster Friday: Liz Harris

Today’s Foster Friday starts when Jade and Tanner, from The Bachelor, went on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The rest is a Hollywood “forever love” story including 8 foster dogs, 2 foster fails, and a whole lot of tail wagging love.

Wait - so what does that all have to do with Wags and Walks? Well, without further ado, let us introduce Liz Harris, a game show producer turned crazy dog person and wonderful 8-time foster parent with Wags and Walks.

Take it away, Liz!

Foster Friday: Mikayla

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we’ve been honoring all of the mothers in the Wags and Walks world these past two weeks across our social feeds. Today’s Foster Friday is a continuation of that celebration as we put the spotlight on Mikayla. Mikayla isn’t just the dog mom to two Wags and Walks alums, she has also been the foster mom to four other dogs with us, and she is an all around animal lover who volunteers with Wags across our organization.

On Mother’s Day we send a special note to the mother-figure(s) in our lives. For some of us, that’s multiple people. For Wags and Walks, we have so many mothers of all kinds to be thankful for every single day, including Mikayla. But before we get too far into the emotions of Mother’s Day, we’ll let Mikayla’s story do the Mother’s Day emotional gushing for us!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Moms

Mother’s day is around the corner, and if there is a special lady in your dog’s life you’d like to recognize, do we have some gift ideas for you! It’s a lot of work, being a dog mom. From the 2am walks to the desperate attempts to get your pooch to swallow that blasted pill, and from the messy baths to the pricey vet visits, she does a lot and deserves some pampering on her special day. And if you’re a single dog mom, what better time to treat yourself? A Wags and Walks team member even had her dog’s baby tooth dipped in gold and hung on a necklace as a “just because” gift to herself. Every dog mom deserves to be treated like a princess.

Health Benefits of Being a Dog Parent

Dogs: good for the soul, good for your health? It’s true, my friends. As you sit at your work desk or in the bathroom between rounds of Candy Crush reading this, think about it. What else gets you up in the morning for a brisk walk around the block? What guilts you into that runyon hike you may have otherwise forgone for a morning eating bon-bons in bed catching up on This is Us? Our furry friends do a lot more than offer unconditional love and snuggles. Let me break down the health benefits of being a dog parent.

5 Steps Towards Becoming An Eco-friendly Dog Owner

Happy Earth Day! Living in Los Angeles, the importance of Earth Day and its impact on environmental awareness and protection is clear, as we see both the boundless beauty of Mother Earth and also the harmful effects of pollution in LA on a daily basis. For most, Earth Day is about how we as people can reduce our carbon footprint by making adjustments in our own habits, but we want to take a moment to talk about how that can extend to your pup’s life, too.

2018 Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteering is the foundation of Wags & Walks. Without our volunteer base, we would cease to exist, and we never would have been able to save 3,500 dogs from the shelter. So how do we properly convey how much our volunteers mean to us? It’s hard, as the list of thank you’s is endless, but each and every volunteer that joins us is another part of the puzzle, and we could not be more thankful for the support we are lucky enough to have.

With it being Volunteer Appreciation Week, we wanted to dedicate this to everyone who has been a part of our mission, our journey, and our family.

Everything You Need to Know About Pussy & Pooch

If you’ve haven’t heard about Pussy and Pooch before, let us be the first to introduce this amazing brand to you. They started with the intention of creating a modern and fun retail space that also served as a valuable resource for the local pet community. Their first store was in Downtown Los Angeles, but have since expanded to three locations in SoCal including the Beverly Hills location, just 4 miles from Wags. Did you know? We are fortunate enough to also have mini Pussy & Pooch inside our Adoption Center too!

Foster Friday: Adam

This week’s Foster Friday features Adam whose journey with  Wags and Walks started when he found us while looking to adopt a dog. It’s because of his adoption experience with us that Adam thought of us first when he wanted to start volunteering sometime later. The rest of Adam’s story shows how there are many paths that lead to becoming a foster, but we’ll let Adam take it from here!

Tips to Follow Before You Start Fostering

Wags and Walks would not be the same without our amazing fosters! Fosters have allowed our rescue to continue its mission to save the lives of as many dogs as we possibly can.   In order to do so, we need fosters we can count on, who can temporarily foster the pups we bring in, while waiting to get them adopted.  If you’ve ever thought about bringing a temporary pup into your home keep reading because we are sharing top 4 tips to follow before you start fostering.

5 Ways To Cut Back on Pet Costs in 2018

Is 2018 your year to kick up your savings and work on that new budget? While cutting back on the LA brunches and avocado toasts is one way to stay under budget, we also have some tips on how you can lower your pet costs as well.

Having a dog is an extremely rewarding experience, but it isn’t without its expenses. To be a good dog mom/dad, there are the essential recurring costs like dog food, vet visits, and health care. Most of us also can’t help but spoil our dogs with lots of toys, treats and maybe one too many dog beds. Who can blame us? They are our fur-babies after all.

Here are 5 ways you can cut back on spending while still keeping your dog happy, healthy, and of course, the most spoiled member of your family.

The Data Behind The “Doggie Feels”

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and we have a special #FeelGoodFriday blog post in spirit of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love with those around you and feeling it in return. We don’t know about you, but our pups always take the cake for making us feel that unconditional Valentine’s Day love. Sometimes we wonder if their ability to make us feel so happy is magic, but today we’re going to tell you about the science behind why dog love trumps all. If you have a pup nearby, now is the time to give him/her a big hug.

Wagging Tails Wednesday: Marla

L.O.V.E. MADCRUSH! We could read this story over and over again, and our smiles would just keep getting bigger. There’s no relationship like the one between a dog and it’s human, and this Valentine’s Day needed to share one that gives us all the feels. Marla won over Amanda’s heart with just one look and cuddled in to make sure she was never going anywhere else, ever again. Keep reading to hear more about their journey together.