Foster Friday: Lor

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, it is time to take a step back and think about everything that we are thankful for this year. From the dogs we have the chance to rescue to all of our selfless volunteers and staff, there is a lot for us to be thankful for here at Wags & Walks.

Our success depends on the helping hand of those in our community, and one of the biggest contributions made to our organization is from our foster parents. Fosters are paramount to our success and they provide endless love and support to dogs in need. Words cannot begin to describe how thankful we are for them.

Our fosters always  tell us how unique of an experience fostering a dog is, and we love nothing more than when a first time foster parent turns into a long time volunteer. Today’s Foster Friday puts a spotlight on Lor, one of our “veteran fosters,” so to speak. She is a pit bull lover and has fostered countless dogs with us over the years. We hope Lor’s story inspires you over this holiday season; it sure shows us how much we have to be thankful for!

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

Barking can be an annoying habit for any dog owner, or foster, to deal with. Not only does it quickly get on your nerves, it’s also probably getting on the nerves of your lucky neighbors. We know that you can’t always control what your dog does 100% of the day, but there are definitely ways to try and limit the amount of barking that occurs. Here are few ideas to try out...and remember, not all of them will work for you but keep trying!

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Xena

When Richard stumbled upon Wags & Walks on Instagram, he had no idea that just six months later, he would be a dog pawrent to an intelligent, sweet, and silly pup named Xena.

After having to part ways with another dog he loved, Richard was scared he would never have the same connection with another dog. Then, he met Xena. Xena exceeded all expectations Richard had, and surprised him with how quickly he fell in love with her. Plus, he couldn’t think of a better name!

Fall & Our Furry Friends: Preparing Your Dog for Autumn!

Ah, autumn--leaves change to eye-popping hues, a cold snap or two passes through, and the smell of pumpkin spice wafts by our noses anytime we walk by a coffee shop.

As we enjoy the picture-perfect scenery and the seasonal delicacies that this time of year has to offer, we dog owners should keep in mind that the change of seasons may mean certain changes in care ought to be offered to our furry friends.

Once you feel those crisp temperatures and see those vibrant-colored leaves start falling, consider these tips to make autumn as enjoyable for your pet as it is for you:

10 Spooktacular Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the best holidays in LA. How could it not be? It involves lots of candy and dressing up in silly costumes with your friends and family. Above all, though, it’s one of the only days that dog parents can get their dogs to wear that ADORABLE outfit for more than 5 minutes.

For both the prepared and unprepared, we have 10 dog costume ideas that we hope inspire you this (or next!) Howl-o-ween.

Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month with Us

Something wicked this way comes...wicked fun! We’ve had so many exciting activities at Wags and Walks this October, and they certainly aren’t over yet. While this weekend might be consumed by all things trick or treating related, we have a really fun event that can help you celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month. Yep that’s right, October is an extra special month for us. Even though we celebrate adopting shelter pets everyday, it doesn’t hurt to take a month to recognize their importance! Learn more about our event this weekend and other ways to can celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Bear

This is the heartwarming story about how Alexander met his best friend, Bear. They say a dog can turn your life into utter happiness, and that’s exactly what happened when these two met. A four hour snuggle sesh is all it took for Alexander to realize that he found his very best pal.  These two are the epitome of “Best friend goals,” and you won’t want to miss this story -so keep scrolling!

National Pit Bull Awareness Month Is Here

Did you know that there is more to October than pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween? October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month and the 28th of October is Pitbull Awareness Day! This month promotes a cause very near and dear to our hearts at Wags and Walks.

Pit Bull Awareness Month is dedicated to helping restore the image of the American Pit Bull across the US. One of the most stigmatized and negatively stereotyped breeds of dog, it takes all of us working together to help refute these stereotypes and to educate our communities. There are a wide range of false stereotypes pervasive in our society regarding pit bulls. These myths are so widely believed that pit bulls are actually banned in many jurisdictions across the country.

Additionally, there are often breed restrictions for apartment complexes that list pit bulls as one of the breeds simply because of these negative (and false) stereotypes based solely on the breed’s appearance. These restrictions are a huge issue, as they lead to increased rates of pit bulls landing in high-kill shelters.

To support positive understandings of pit bulls, we are dedicating this post to highlighting some of our current pit bull rescues who are ready to find their forever families:

Join the Wags & Walks Team for Strut Your Mutt!

Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday than being outdoors with hundreds of adorable dogs and like-minded animal lovers?

On Saturday, October 21st, Wags & Walks is participating in Best Friends’ Strut Your Mutt fundraiser at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Hundreds of animal lovers will get together for this annual celebration that helps save the lives of homeless pets nationwide. While the charity walk is the main event, there are many other animal-friendly activities to enjoy, including pet portraits, doggie yoga, vendors, and contests.

Foster Friday: Jessica Torrento

Friday is finally here and we are so ready for an amazing weekend! Now today is a special Friday. If you haven’t noticed, it’s Friday the 13th and it’s October, which is already a spooky month. To counteract any bad luck that might be happening today, we wanted to share some good luck that we have been given and keep our karma positive. Today we are featuring an amazing foster, that we are beyond LUCKY to have. Read on to learn more about Jessica Torrento and her experience fostering with Wags and Walks:

Celebrate “Barktoberfest” with Your Pup

October marks the first full month of Fall, bringing us cooler weather and one of our favorite holidays - “Barktoberfest”! Barktoberfest is our version of the ever popular Oktoberfest, since we never like to leave out our four-legged friends from the fun. In honor of this special celebration, we are sharing our favorite dog-friendly breweries in Los Angeles for you to enjoy a pint with the company of your pup.

It’s National Dog Week! 5 Ways to Show Your Dog Extra Love

The last week of September is always an extra special week. No, not because it’s the first full week of fall and the temperatures are finally cooling down (maybe)...This week is National Dog Week! For Wags and Walks, every week is a celebration of the dogs of the world, but we’ll take any occasion to talk endlessly about how much we love (wo)man’s best friend.

This week is all about appreciation for our furry friends, and it is the perfect opportunity to do something special for/with your dog. So we’re sharing 5 ways you can show your dog how much he/she means to you. Not a dog parent but still a dog lover? Not to worry, we’ve got some pro tips in this list for how you can celebrate National Dog Week even if you’re not a dog owner.

Dog Treat Recipes to Treat Your Pup

A dog is a man’s best friend for a reason. They follow you everywhere you go, are always happy to see you, and give you lots of (slobbery) kisses. And if there’s one thing they love as much as you, it’s food!

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a quality snack that your dog will appreciate. It’s the best way to show your furry companion how much you care! From making pupcakes for your dog’s next birthday to treating them to a yummy doggie donut for breakfast, the options are endless.  

Our friends at Personal Creations put together a list of easy-to-make dog treats so you can always keep these delicious recipes on hand (or paw!).  

Ways to Participate in Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Owning a pet is an amazing experience, but it also takes a lot of work. September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, so we thought this would be a great time to go over a few ways that you can participate the rest of the month. It can be easy to get caught up in everything else going on and let the small, but significant, things slips. Here are a few of our favorite ways to remain a responsible pet owner benefitting both your dog and the public:

What is a Puppy Mill?

Tomorrow marks Puppy Mill Awareness Day, a day dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and ending puppy mills. But what exactly is a puppy mill?

For starters, a puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is placed above the well-being of animals. Breeding dogs can spend their entire lives in cages, living in dirty, unsanitary conditions and never getting the chance to feel the sun or breathe fresh air.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Tiny

Sometimes love can be achieved in the most unexpected ways. This story follows one of our amazing fosters, Kelly Salisbury and how she fell for the cutie, Tiny. Their bond became so strong after many visits to the vet and simply nurturing the sweet Tiny into good health.   When you go through something like that, there’s no way you can’t have a strong and loving bond. In this case, there was no way these two could be separated. Learn more about their heartwarming story below:

Spend Labor Day at These Dog Friendly LA Beach Spots

Wow, it’s already September 1st. With that, Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! We have had a crazy and amazing summer at Wags and Walks, and we cannot believe the summer is coming to a close. That said, if you’re an Angeleno, you know that summertime doesn’t really end until October - as far as the weather is concerned at least. With the heat wave LA has been experiencing this week, we hope you have some beach days planned for your long weekend!

Get Rid of Pet Odors Naturally

We love our dogs, smells and all, but unfortunately not everyone feels the same way. From puppies to old family favorites, having dogs in the home just leaves a lingering pet odor that can be hard to get rid of. Most of the time, you probably don’t even notice it, until you have guests coming or get in a deep cleaning mood. Instead of waiting until that point, here are a few of our favorite tricks to getting rid of pet odors that you can use every day: